3 Practical & Delicious Breakfast Alternatives with Dietician Rümeysa Tuğçe Turan

“By making breakfast the most beautiful meal of the day, we will recommend you three different breakfast alternatives that are very practical and high in nutritional value.”
Some people love it, give up on their sleep for it, make it their last stop right before going to work. They set rich and fancy tables especially on Sundays and enjoy it for long hours. Some think that it is an unnecessary meal that can be passed. Breakfast is a scientifically proven meal to start a new day filled with energy and to continue effectively. Our body gets the energy it needs after the night-long hunger thanks to breakfast. Regular breakfast also helps balance blood sugar. A high nutritional breakfast has an indispensable place in diet menus.

Well, if they ask what is indispensable for breakfast, what comes to mind first? Eggs, cheese, olives, bread, cucumber, tomato and herbs… Today I will recommend you five different breakfast alternatives that are very practical and high in nutritional value. It is up to us to prepare practical and satisfying recipes by making breakfast the most beautiful meal of the day.

Oat Bread

Oat is either loved or hated among people. Two tablespoons of oat are equivalent to a slice of bread, and you can use this exchange to add some oat to your breakfast. For days when you don’t want to eat bread, I recommend an oatmeal breakfast.

  • 1 egg
  • 1 full dessert spoon of yogurt
  • 2 tablespoons of oats
  • 1 teaspoon whole wheat flour
  • Salt and any spices you want

Mix all the ingredients thoroughly with the help of a whisk or mixer. For one person, grease a small pan a little and cook both sides of the mixture. That is all. You can eat it with joy by adding olives, cheese, tomatoes or cucumbers.

Breakfast Salad

It’s time for one of my favorites, the breakfast salad! Considering that I have had breakfast salad all week after my first try, I recommend you not to miss this one.

We use 2 slices of crispbreads (Wasa) instead of 1 slice of bread. First, we crumble our crispbreads. Then we chop any vegetable and herb we want. I usually add cucumbers, tomatoes and red peppers. After chopping 1 slice of feta cheese into small cubes, we put all the ingredients on our plate. We add lemon, salt, spices and 1 teaspoon of olive oil and mix. Finally, we add one boiled egg and black seed on it. We now have a ready-to-eat breakfast salad.


Some mornings you don’t want to eat eggs. If you want to have a light and practical breakfast with your coffee, but also have a tasty and satisfying meal, this breakfast that you will enjoy with peanut butter bread may be your new favorite.

First, let’s talk about the nutritional value of peanut butter and avocado portions. Half of a small avocado is equivalent to one oil change, ie 5-6 olives. If our avocado is large, we can think of a quarter avocado as a portion. 1 teaspoon of unsweetened peanut butter is equivalent to 5-6 olives in the same way. Let’s move on with the recipe, as you can see, it is a very practical breakfast with a few ingredients. We add avocado and cheese on a slice of grain bread and add a little lemon juice, salt and black pepper. You can make your avocado more delicious this way. We apply peanut butter to the other bread slice without sugar. We add a few pieces of dark chocolate and banana on it. Enjoy your meal.

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