A Natural Everyday Makeup Look In 6 Steps

“If you are just starting to wear makeup or want to learn practical beauty tips, you should watch our video with product recommendations.”
Makeup has become an important part of our lives for many reasons such as looking presentable, feeling good, and concealing blemishes. Choosing the right makeup products for your face shape and skin tone might take some time and require experience. You need to pick the best products suited for you and do tryouts regularly.

How to Choose the Right Makeup Products

The color and the texture of makeup product should match your skin, hair and eye color. Makeup materials used in different stages should also complement one another. Moreover, instead of buying single items, you should prefer makeup kits matching byproducts such as brushes and sponges.

Choosing the Right Makeup

How much time do you spend outside a day? Are there any business meetings you must attend or any parties you would like to be part of?  This type of questions are the details that help you determine what kind of color or texture you should choose. If you are a mother spending most of your time at home, you can choose light textures and shades matching your skin. For example, you can have a moisturizer, lip balm in light shades, earth tone eyeshadow and water-resistant mascara for a daily makeup. If you have a busy career where you start your day very early in the morning and rush around, choosing long-lasting materials will make your life easier.

How to Apply Makeup

Although many different makeup techniques cause a confusion nowadays, the basic techniques are almost the same. If you are just starting to wear makeup or want to learn practical beauty tips, you should watch our video with product recommendations. It is that easy to have an even, well-groomed, and smooth looking skin!

Light and Natural Makeup

  1. As we do an everyday makeup look, first thing to have is a good base.

  2. Then, we apply a mineral eyeshadow of our choice onto the eyeshadow base.

  3. After we give shape to our eyebrows with a brush, we apply an under-eye concealer.

  4. We also highlight the prominent areas of our face that we call T-zone.

  5. We end the eye makeup by applying a single layer of mascara to our upper and lower lashes.

  6. We have a natural looking color with a little bit blush on the apples of our cheeks and we apply a nude lip gloss

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