A New Era in Fashion: Practical and Stylish Antibacterial Masks

“Let’s have a look at Modanisa Tuva mask collection that takes not only style, but also hygiene standards into consideration.”
Masks have become inseparable accessories these days, we’d like to introduce you to an antibacterial and washable mask collection that takes both style and hygiene into consideration. Inspired by unique styles of women all around the world and the elegance of Ottoman women, the collection is designed with suitable patterns and details for all face shapes, in accordance with hygiene regulations. 

The patented antibacterial Madaline filter is used in Modanisa Tuva masks, which takes both style and global hygiene standards into account. The masks are produced in 7 different models suitable for different uses with sequin, lace, and patterned fabrics. They can be washed at 60 degrees without being damaged.  

Healthy Masks in Colors and Patterns Available at Modanisa

You no longer have to wear masks that don’t match your outfit. You will definitely find what you are looking for in Modanisa’s new mask collection. Moreover, a wide range of colors awaits those who wear niqab or want to keep the harmony of the color with their outfit. In addition to behind the head strap model, there are also floral and modern geometrical patterns to add a colorful element to your outfit. Or, if you prefer non-patterned ones, you can enhance your look with textured fabric masks. Limited edition masks with antibacterial filters are waiting for you.

Tuva mask collection is now on sale exclusively at Modanisa!

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