An enduring classic: Denim is Everywhere!

"New cuts, different washing techniques, alternative styles… We are rediscovering the denim trend that has undergone a lot of changes year after year."
Unusual times highlight timeless alternatives in new season selections; just like denim…

Now is the time to update our style for the new season with jean styles that we cannot give up wearing. We are rediscovering the denim trend that has undergone a lot of changes throughout the years with new cuts, different washing techniques, alternative styles. Timeless jeans make creating an outfit both practical and fun. You can attend a business meeting with a classic white shirt and jean duo or have coffee with friends in a hoodie. Denim as always plays the leading role in both formal and daily meetings.


A feminine touch to the sporty look of overalls, the culotte jumpsuit is a key piece for those who want to reflect their unique styles. An oversized culotte jumpsuit that allows movement creates a trendsetter look when combined with a denim shirt. 


Denim on denim has long been an everlasting trend. The easiest way to enhance the cool chic is to explore pairing different shades of denim. 


Year-round essentials, trench coats mean comfort for many occasions. When you want to go for a casual look, opt for denim from head to toe.


Denim jackets, one of the ultimate wardrobe staples, are now more stylish and evolved than before. A signature piece on its own, the sweatshirt jacket has a power to eliminate the likes of it with its different designs. If you’re wondering how to pair it, start with tracksuits. The jacket will look great adding a rebellious and cool touch to tracksuits. 


It’s very easy to create the perfect pairing with denim. Sweatshirts and jeans are made for each other by supporting one another’s comfort.

Style Tips

* It is that easy to turn long tunics into an outerwear option! Just leave the buttons open.

*Opt for belts on pants, trench coats, or shirts to add a little bit of difference. 

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