An Interview with Güzide Mertcan on Her Marriage, Children, and Wardrobe

"Many people know Güzide Mertcan from a cooking game show called Masterchef Turkey. But Modanisa people know her as one of the founders of Minel Aşk. We’ve had a sweet chat with Güzide Mertcan about work, children, marriage, and her wardrobe."

You’ve probably talked about this many times but, when and how did you decide to participate in Masterchef Turkey?

Masterchef was a cooking show that I’ve always loved and watched. Also, I have a passion for cooking, and I wanted to see how far I can go in this amazing journey.

You have 3 sweet children, a happy marriage and a very busy business life. How do you cope with this?

I’m lucky that I have a wonderful husband. Especially for the kids, he’s a perfect role model dad. He always takes his time to answer every single of their questions in details. He sweeps the house when necessary. He can also make delicious “çiğ köfte”. As you see, the housework is actually pretty easy for me. In terms of business, I got my sister watching my back. When I’m not around, my sister makes me feel safe and when she’s there, I know that everything’s okay. You can easily say that I’m very lucky in terms of business and housework. But, I must that sometimes I feel insufficient. As a mom, I always feel like that. I have accepted this feeling and learned to live with it.

People speculated a lot on the “fashion brand” you’ve created with your sister Tuğba Tokmak… What’s the story of “Minel Aşk”? How involved are you?

8-9 years ago, our journey has started with a small tailor shop in a back alley. There was an immense market demand back in the day. Yes, there was a demand but no supply. So, we bought a chunk of fabric and we sewed shirts. We sold those shirts and produced caped tunics in different colors. Social media was all about Facebook back in those days. We worked hard and sold what we have sewn. One day we found ourselves as one of the wholesalers in Mimar Kemalettin. Minel Aşk became a big brand thanks to our fabric and sewing quality, and special designs. The company was located in İzmir and I live in Istanbul, that’s why I’ve worked for introducing our brand in fashion fairs and expos at first. Now, our company has moved to Istanbul and I got busier.

Was it hard for you to decide what to wear at the show? Can you describe your wardrobe to us?

Deciding what to wear for the show was really hard. The studio was really hot. At the same time, I needed to be comfortable to compete properly. Moreover, I had the responsibility to maintain a proper hijabi look in front of the cameras. Finding styles that are suitable to all these conditions was really hard. Mostly, I used sweatshirts by my own brand; Shesea.

How’s your relationship with your wardrobe? Which styles are essential for you? Which colors do you like to wear?

Unfortunately, I don’t really like shopping. I go shopping when I need something. Saggy trousers and sweaters are my wardrobe essentials. I’m in love with earth tones. Shades of brown, beige and gray are must-haves for me.

Since it’s your job… Can you tell us about your makeup style? What are the essential products for your skin care?

Wearing makeup is not so easy for me because of my face and eye shape. And cameras add more to it. It’s not the same as looking yourself in the mirror, to see yourself on a screen is very different. When you put on a light makeup, you look like ill; when you put on a heavy one, it’s like you’re wearing a mask. There’s a thin line there. I cleanse my skin every night. I also have a medical cosmetics brand called Pergusa. I use ampoules that are suitable for my skin twice a week.

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