Explore a New Place on New Year’s Eve: CAPPADOCIA

“Can the pandemic stop you from seeking out new places? Today, even if viia a virtual tour, we travel to Cappadocia.”
Cappadocia is beautiful in each and every season. We are lucky to have this fascinating place that was home to many civilizations in the past and on the UNESCO World Heritage List now. Have you ever thought about how the unique geographic beauty of Cappadocia has been formed? The lava, which was sprayed with the activation of the volcanic mountains in this region 60 million years ago, has been eroded by wind and rainwater over the years and created today’s landforms and interesting fairy chimneys. Carved by people especially in Goreme and its surroundings, the underground cities, caves, places of worship, and stone structures used as living spaces still host tourism activities today.

So, what can we do in Cappadocia; where can we to go? Don’t let the pandemic and travel restrictions intimidate you. If you want to start the new year by discovering a new place, you are invited to our virtual tour.

Göreme Open Air Museum:

The most iconic attraction of Cappadocia travel routes, Göreme is the place where fairy chimneys are mostly located. After visiting the open-air museum, you can watch the sunset on “Âşıklar Tepesi”. Click here to visit Göreme Open Air Museum on a virtual tour.

Ihlara Valley and Churches:

100 km away from Göreme, Ihlara Valley is one of the largest canyons in the world. It is located on the Melendiz River. You can reach Ihlara Valley by descending 400 steps. Of course, not to mention the way back! There are many churches in the valley. We can say that Yılanlı Church, Agac Altı Church, and Sümbüllü Church should be your first destinations. Visiting these natural and cultural wonders with a virtual tour is priceless – especially now. You can click here to take a virtual tour to Ihlara Valley.


Derinkuyu Underground City:

29 km away from Nevşehir, Derinkuyu Underground City, is known as the 9th wonder of the world and consists of 18 floors. However, only 8 floors can be visited today. You can visit Derinkuyu Underground City by clicking the link here. For detailed information about Kaymaklı Underground Cities and Göreme Ruins, you can download the official brochure here.


When the travel restrictions are lifted and everything is back to normal, if you want to visit Cappadocia, many different activities await you in this tour. 

Balloon Tour:

Waking up at 05:30 in the morning and going out in cold weather will not be easy for sure. But watching the sunrise in a balloon floating in the sky is priceless. Although the balloon tour, which takes about one hour, is a bit expensive, we are sure that you will want to enjoy the beauty of the view more than once.

ATV Tour:

Adventure lovers won’t stop telling the pleasure of riding ATV in Red Valley at sunrise. Do not miss the ATV tour to see the beauties of Cappadocia that you watched in the sky.

Pottery Workshop:

Experiencing handcrafting pottery in Avanos, famous for its pottery workshops, will make you see this unique art from a different perspective.

Cappadocia Cuisine:

If you are in a new city, the best activity is of course to try the dishes of that region. In Cappadocia, you should try pottery kebab, ravioli, Ottoman dishes, and many more.

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