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Fashion & Cinema: Films You Need to Watch

September 21, 2020
"Movies that inspired fashion at the time they were released which are still unforgettable, are in today's article with the style tips of their stars."

ashion and cinema are artistic disciplines that have been interwoven always and continue to be so. Sometimes we witness a fashion trend that springs from a movie scene. An elegant dress worn by a female lead starts a new trend and fashion evolves in that way. Sometimes we come across fashion movies; we watch a story based on a life and designs of a famous designer.

Some of the movies that inspired fashion at the time they were released which are still unforgettable, are in today’s article with the style tips of their stars. If you have not watched these movies, we recommend you watch as soon as possible.


The Great Gatsby

Based on F. Scott Fitzgerald’s 1925 novel of the same name and directed by Baz Luhrmann, “The Great Gatsby”, welcomed us with its most grand scenes in May 2013. To summarize the plot; Nick Carraway who comes to New York dreaming to be a writer is after his American dream and when he meets his millionaire neighbor, Jay Gatsby, he finds himself in an utterly different world. Nick Carraway is also the cousin of Daisy, with whom Gatsby had been in love with in his youth. It is a must-see movie even for its scenery and the costumes reflecting the glamor of the 1920s, especially the lead actress Daisy’s.

Marie Antoinette

A period drama which is also a literary adaptation: “Marie Antoinette”. We see Kirsten Dunst in the lead role of the drama adapted to screen by Sophia Coppola. The drama presents Marie Antoinette, a young Austrian queen who was married to the king of France due to the political circumstances of the time, witnessing various politics and political reckonings under the grand shadow Versailles. As the young queen searches the way to challenge the order she is unaccustomed to in frivolous parties and dangerous friendships, the movie portrays Marie Antoinette in a deviant way by showing her life from many aspects. With dresses, corsets and fluffy skirts that reflect the glamour of the period, large hats, and long gloves, the elegance of the Palace of Versailles intensifies the magical atmosphere of the film.

Coco Before Chanel

“Coco Before Chanel” is a biographical story of Coco Chanel who is memorable with the quote, “Fashion changes, but style endures”. Coco, who had rough days in an orphanage and had to perform in a cabaret to earn a living, saves women from corset and introduces them to a more masculine and comfortable style. In this movie displaying the legacy of Chanel with Audrey Tatou’s splendid performance, we watch how Coco Chanel defines an era with her groundbreaking clothes and hats.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s 

Adapted from Truman Capote’s 1958 novella and immortalized with Audrey Hepburn’s starlight, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” was released in 1961 and received two Oscars. Its name comes from Tiffany & Co., a famous jewelry retailer in New York. Whenever our protagonist, Holly Golightly feels depressed, she finds herself in front of Tiffany’s windows at any time of the day and watches the diamonds as she has her coffee and croissant for breakfast. A way in which she tries to ease herself and overcome depression. With its prosperity and serenity, the store has become the only thing that calms Holly. Without giving further spoilers, we suggest that you watch the film as soon as possible and see sixties fashion through Audrey Hepburn’s elegance. 

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