Flat 60% OFF an “International Women’s Day” Special by Modanisa

"Turkey's first international e-commerce and online clothing platform Modanisa, reaches out to millions of women in 140 countries around the world who want to express themselves and their styles, is celebrating International Women's Day with a very special campaign. "

Organizing a flat 60% off campaign for International Women’s Day, Modanisa also arranged a special video shoot to honor the special occasion by bringing women from different continents and geographies together, conveying this message: “We are all strong together with our unique characters.”

Modanisa, a fashion company that guides women to enrich their lives without giving up on their values, is celebrating International Women’s Day with a very special campaign. Women who have adopted modern modest styles of clothing all over the world will be able to find thousands of suitable clothing options to meet their preferences. Turkey’s first and the world’s largest international online fashion and shopping site Modanisa.com, offers women who opt to dress modestly a variety of good quality clothing at affordable prices, within the International Women’s Day special flat 60% off campaign.

Every woman who wants to keep up with the latest fashion and create a dressing style that suits her beliefs, has the right to feel stylish and comfortable with whatever she wears. Modanisa believes that a woman should be able to make the most of life without giving up on her own thoughts, needs and beliefs. In this respect, serving 140 countries in 5 continents reaching 200 million visitors annually, Turkey’s first international e-commerce and online clothing platform Modanisa, conducted a special video shoot by bringing  women from different continents and regions together in honor of Women’s Day. Bringing together Turkish, Russian, American, Jordanian and Malaysian women, Modanisa conveyed this message in their special shoot; “We are all strong together with our unique characters!” a unifying and powerful message for the whole world to digest in honor of  International Women’s Day.

Modanisa’s flat 60% off campaign for International Women’s Day will be held between March 5th-8th.

About us, www.modanisa.com

Founded in 2011 and rapidly evolving pioneers of the industry, Modanisa.com, is Turkey’s first international e-commerce platform and online global modest fashion company. With the goal of making Turkey the modest fashion capital of the world, Modanisa.com launched the Modest Fashion Week concept, which made its debut in Istanbul in 2016. Modanisa was deemed worthy of receiving the “E-commerce and Digital Experience” award by the International Business Excellence Award, as well as the Islamic Economy Award given by the UAE. Reaching 20 million visitors per month from all over the world and shipping to customers to almost 140 countries, Modanisa.com, sells 75,000 products from 850 brands and designers, most of them from Turkey, to the world. From casual wear to evening attire, athleisure styles to swimwear and accessories, 5 continents 6 languages: Turkish, English, Arabic, French, Bahasa and German. Modanisa.com, has been Turkey’s e-export champion for 3 consecutive years.

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