Gülsüm Elkhatroushi: “ROHS FASHION takes inspiration from nature”

“Gülsüm Elkhatroushi made a great debut with the brand Rohs. Modanisa Connect caught up with her to chat about her brand’s story and details of the Rohs Spring-Summer 2021 collection.”

ROSH FASHION was born out of my own needs. It was designed for self-assured, modest women who want to be stylish and modern but cannot reach high fashion brands.

Let’s get to know Gülsüm Elkhatroushi

“I was born on January 25, 1982 in Istanbul. My family moved to Çorlu during my high school years, and I finished high school in Trakya College. Then I studied language in San Diego, USA. I graduated from Hacettepe University and Okan University, Department of International Trade. I have three children: two girls and a boy.”

When and how did your passion for fashion start?

I was instinctively very interested in clothes and dressing since childhood. Colors and patterns always drew my attention. For example, newspapers used to publish paper dolls and with separate clothes, also made of paper. My favorite thing was to cut those clothes and put them on babies. I never thought that I would be a fashion designer specifically or design clothes, but I’ve always been fascinated by fashion.

Where does your inspiration come from? What requirements do you think are necessary to prepare a collection?

Our first and foremost purpose is that it appeals to casual chic and comfortable style. Trend colors and good quality fabrics, of course, shape the collection. We try to prepare timeless pieces that make our customers feel comfortable. Nature itself is a source of inspiration for us if we look carefully to find it. Sometimes a butterfly or a flower inspires us.

What is the story of Rohs? How did it get started? How would you describe a woman wearing Rohs?

Rohs was born out of my own basic needs. It was designed for self-assured women who love to dress modestly and want to be stylish and modern but cannot reach high fashion brands. Our branding was done with the letters taken from my surname. Our goal to become a corporate and global brand has shaped Rohs.

What awaits us in the Rohs Spring-Summer 2021 Season Collection? How many pieces, what fabrics and what kind of clothes does the collection consist of?

Our 2021 collection was prepared with the theme “Return to Nature”. We have worked on a wide range of products in the collection where we focus on natural fabrics. We focused on viscose, modal, and cotton fabrics. Sports styles were also included in the collection, while keeping the Rohs characteristics. We have designed stylish and sports tracksuits, colorful dresses for hot summer, timeless pieces for our customers who like to dress in classic styles, and casual outfits for women in business life. In our knitwear groups, we wanted to reflect the feeling of dynamism that colors evoke. Our cotton and mercerized knitwear stand out in the spring capsule collection. We do not set a certain limit on our collections. We always keep our product range dynamic by creating capsule collections in line with the suggestions and requests of our customers. In short, we can always call it a new season in Rohs.

Would you please share your plans for your brand with us?

We are evaluating the intense demands of international customers. We have 6 projects that we are currently working on. Our investments continue in digital platforms. Our production capacity is increasing fast. Our production cooperation with international companies continues. As a Turkish brand, representing our country abroad in the best way possible is our greatest excitement.

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