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Hijab Trends 2021

January 6, 2021
“As we step into the first days of 2021, new season styles are already popping up everywhere. We’ve explored the hijab styles that will be the highlights of 2021 and wanted to share four of our most favorite looks.”

The Casual Chic

First on our list of essential hijab styles is the classic wrap that is both stylish and extremely comfortable in everyday life. We are sure that you will like it on busy days when you need to make quick decisions about what to wear. For this look, you place the hijab around your face keeping the left side longer than the other. At this step, your shawl should remain loose, framing your face slightly. Next, wrap the long part of the shawl around your neck and put it on the other side. Fold the two sides framing your face and let the left side hang loose. Finally, wrap the long left side once more. Here is a casual, simple but chic style! You can also pair it with accessories such as hats and berets.

The Side Knot

The next style is the side knot. A style suitable for casual chic, a great choice for your sporty outfits. Moreover, it is quite effortless and comfortable. You start by leaving one side of your shawl long again. Cover your neck by knotting the part we left long. Let the lower part hang back over the shoulder. Here is the easy and casual knot model! You can incorporate this look into your style with different fabric and color preferences.

The Side Twist

The next 2021 hijab trend is for those who always seek for elegance. You can use the side twist for both casual and special occasions. Start with keeping one side shorter than the other. Frame the hijab around your face, cross each end over the other, and use a pin to secure at the back. After bringing the two ends of the back to your shoulders, wrap the left side around your head and take it to the left again. Secure the part just below your face on the right side with a needle so that it is under the left end. When you throw the front right part back, here is an extremely stylish style! You can choose this look in bold colors and patterns on special occasions.

Hijab with Bandana

Our latest style in the new season hijab trends is for fashion pioneers who prefer avant-garde touches. The bandana style seems to be one of the most common hijab styles we’ll be seeing this year. For this look, you need a chiffon shawl and a square scarf that you will use in a triangle shape. Take your triangle scarf and tie the two ends from the back on the chiffon shawl of which two sides you leave equal. After you tie a small knot, throw one end of the chiffon shawl from the shoulder. Here is the bandana style! It will be great in your casual outfits, especially with hoop earrings.

We’ve explored hijab styles which will dominate the new season. Which one is your favorite? Don’t forget to share it with us in the comments.

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