How Are Influencers Spending Their Time at Home?

"Let our fashion influencers inspire your stay-at-home look with their stylish, comfortable, and useful loungewear."
Our homes have become the center of the world in lockdown. Weeks of isolation have created a new norm: stay-at-home fashion. It has changed the content influencers make and post. As they can’t leave their houses, their outfits worn at cafés or work have been replaced by their alternatives at home. Each of us had the opportunity to concentrate on ourselves in different ways at home. Some of us have had new hobbies, some of us focused on sports to stay healthy. We’ve also learned that making an effort with our at-home outfits can boost our mood. Do you ever wonder how influencers get dressed as they have been spending their time during quarantine? Let our fashion influencers inspire your stay-at-home look with their stylish, comfortable, and useful loungewear.


Aslı Afsaroğlu has had many hobbies and interests during the pandemic. She continues to read books, knit, sew, and draw. Discover ways to deal with stress by taking up a hobby and make room in your closet for sweatsuits with which you will not compromise on comfort while spending time at home.

Hazal Pelin Aydın, on the other hand, has a busy agenda at home like every housewife. She is one of those who cannot give up the comfort the sweatsuits give as she is dealing with household chores and spending time with her child.



@rimelaskina Hilal preferred to wear a plush coat and tracksuit while spending time with her cat. Warm plush slippers are also must-haves if you have cold feet.

If you think of a look that’s defined this year, it is the sweatsuit. Whether it is cotton or knit, they are very practical yet stylish. Tıbbiyeliblog Şule is one of those who gives an elegant touch to homewear with her set consisting of a printed sweatshirt and sweatpants.



@beyzayturna preferred warm teddy tunic, sweatpants, and plush boots when she read a book. We wouldn’t think of a warmer outfit for these snowy days.

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