How Does Modanisa Team Get Dressed?

"What does Modanisa team pay attention to while creating their looks; how do they get dressed? Our team has created their outfits choosing from thousands of products."

Everyone has a different preference when it comes to style. Modanisa team has created their outfits choosing from thousands of products. Let’s see which outfit you will like the most.

Havva Elif Kahraman Aşık

Brand Manager 


“Sometimes I can put together my whole outfit based on a hijab” 


I prefer casual clothing that I can wear throughout the day in the workplace. Blazers and stylish shirts are my saviours. Instead of going all out on the latest trends, I love to incorporate them into my style with small touches. Handbags and watches are my essential accessories. I usually prefer to have surprising combinations by matching a very stylish piece with sneakers or a casual jacket with stilettos.

If the pandemic ends someday, Great Theatre of the Liceu with its spectacular architecture is among the first places I would like to visit.


Özlem Güneş

Publishing Director


“I love eclectic  touches”


Since we work in a dynamic environment, I prefer sporty chic style during office hours. A pair of shoes is always ready under my table for possible meetings. I love to add vintage details or unusual pieces to my style from time to time. Thin gold hoop earrings and sunglasses are must-have pieces for me. My outfit for a last-minute evening invite would be an oversize blazer over a dress and high-heeled boots.

Painter and sculptor Farshad Farzankia’s works encourage me to be productive.


Yasemin Özkazanç



“I pay attention to color matches 


Earthy tones in winter and pale pastels during spring and summer are my favorites. I love to complete my outfits with a trench coat and sneakers. If I wear accessories, vintage watches and thin rings are my first choices. Cotton voile shawls make me feel comfortable all day long. Timeless shoes and handbags are the best investments for my style.

During the pandemic, my fondness for green plants has increased. The Kinfolk Garden, featuring authentic gardens from around the world, is a feast for me.


Dena Hassan

Marketing Projects Consultant


“I am not someone who wears

too many accessories”


I have a mixed style that I complete with grunge style and pieces I feel free. I love mixing and matching different pieces to my own style. I usually prefer ripped jeans and combat boots for my everyday look. Blue, green, black, brown, and burgundy are my essentials. As for the accessory, I prefer wearing only a watch or a thin ring on my left index finger.

For me, Two Triangles 1957 is a collage that shows the timeless beauty of art.


Rümeysa Aycan

Sr. Fashion Content Specialist 


“I have a soft spot for white shirts”


I usually prefer comfortable and timeless pieces. So, oversize cuts are my wardrobe essentials. An outfit I made pairing an oversize white shirt with a trench coat, jeans and a pair of shoes can be a saviour to a day. Multi-chain necklaces and minimal rings are among my essential accessories. My bag preferences are purely about functionality.

Looking at this 1921 painting by Vanessa Bell gives me a peace of mind. As if all the colors of nature are gathered on it.

Zeina Zain

Sr. Fashion Content Creator 


“Mixing and matching patterns and layers makes dressing playful”


I have an elegant style shaped by stylish touches. I usually prefer calm colors that let my character stand out. As I have a busy work-life and an active life with three children, I prefer to highlight a single piece in a simple outfit. A good lipstick, sanitizer, hand cream, and sunscreen, the secret to a young skin are my handbag essentials. For last-minute invites, I usually prefer a monochrome look polished by gold accessories.

I find the book that describes the fantastic collections of the famous textile artist Mister Finch very inspiring with its strange and fascinating elements.


Asude Eren

Fashion Editor


“My style is a direct reflection of my mood”


It is a fact that people who have signature look are so cool. But for me, it is difficult to have a singular style. I like to dress up based on the mood I am in when I wake up. When I feel relaxed and lively, I prefer sports pieces in bright colors. When I want to be cooler, I complete my look with short heels. Jackets are essential to my outfits. The products that I always keep in my handbag are eyelash curler and lip moisturizer.

I want to get lost in Tokyo’s colorful and bright streets in a world where the pandemic doesn’t exist.


Arzu Nur Palut

Fashion Content Production Specialist


“I don’t hesitate  to combine different trends”


As a person who has minimalist approaches in every aspect of life, my style is also minimalist. I usually prefer oversize cuts for my everyday style, and I get a smart casual look pairing a t-shirt with classic pants. Trying out new combinations makes me happy. My essential accessories are belts, necklaces, glasses and handbags. For a last-minute evening invite, I would choose a straight cut black dress in crepe fabric from my capsule wardrobe.

Nicolas Ghesquière’s photo shoot for the promotion of the collection in the form of a book cover and a movie poster almost brings the fashion of the future to the present.

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