Inspiration Board: Interview with @lafee_sonia

"We had an interview with Sonia about how the pandemic has changed her life and what we wonder about her style."
Sonia is an Instagram influencer who lives in Paris with 93.6k followers. Although the young mother, who is excitedly waiting to hold her first baby in her arms, usually prefers sporty looks, she cannot give up on coats and abayas. We had a pleasant chat with the famous influencer, who enjoys taking nature walks, spending time with her husband, and visiting the historical sites in Paris. If you want to follow her on Instagram, here’s her account: @lafee_sonia.

1- How the pandemic has changed your personal life and country? 

Life is so strange and full of uncertainty!  In my country, we have to wear a mask in public. Because when we are outdoors, we are in close contact with others in the supermarket or in the office, and although we try to keep our distance, we are not safe without wearing a mask. The mask has become an important part of our lives. Just as we don’t forget our keys when leaving the house, we shouldn’t forget our mask.

2- We all follow fashion trends, whether we like it or not. Do you have any new season trends that you want to adapt to your style? Do you follow trends?

Fashion is my passion and I want to know what the new trends of the season are, which colors to use, which cuts and fabrics are popular. For example, trench coats and coats in brown shades, combat ankle boots and tweed jackets are very fashionable now. It can be difficult to wear new trends, but I can say this is like a game for me. And I always win this game.

3- Could you please share some of your favorite products with us for those who like your style?

While deciding my outfit, I pay attention to the fabric and sewing quality, whether it will suit me or not, and the color. My favorite products may change from one season to another, but if I have to list what looks good on me, I can say that there are black jogger pants that I use frequently in the first place. It goes well with both casual and classic tops and also shabby coats.

Second, there are glittery wide-leg trousers that also reflect the New Year spirit. I can say that they are my saviors especially at evening parties. I feel great even when I pair it with a shabby tunic in a minimal style. I guess I have a bit of a romantic style 🙂 Satin dresses and skirts are also my favorite for a couple of seasons. I can get an effortless chic look by wearing a knit sweater over it. Likewise, satin dresses with rope straps also offer limitless combinations. And finally, black sweaters are my winter wardrobe staple. Whose not 🙂

4- Do you think modest fashion is universal? Do you act according to certain standards when choosing clothes?

I think modest fashion has constant features for women all over the world. No matter where women are in the world, they can dress in different ways and adapt the style to their own culture. The fact that I have a modest style does not put me under pressure, on the contrary, I prefer to dress like this because I feel more free. Everyone’s way of defining fashion is different, and while there are some outfits that many women might like, there are others that many may not like it. Modest fashion a wide selection of clothing and the key is to dress the way you feel good.


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