Is Your Back-To-School Supplies Checklist Ready?

“While schools are supposedly going to open for in-person learning on September 23, we have prepared a detailed back-to-school supplies checklist that will help parents and students.”

Life is slowly getting back to normal. Teachers and students who had a hard time due to the pandemic will start a new semester after a short summer break.  While many private schools started distance learning on August 17, public schools went online on August 31. The decision about gradual and diluted face-to-face instruction will be based on advice from the scientific advisory board.

Ever since it was stated that all schools will gradually re-open on September 21, parents have started shopping for school. We have prepared a detailed back-to-school supplies checklist to ease the burden on parents and students during this process. You will find the basics of school shopping in this article, whether it is distance learning or in-person.

A Must Have for Distance Learning: Headphones

The easiest way to motivate your children and make them concentrate during lessons easily is through fun school accessories. An essential part of distance learning, a good pair of headphones is a must for students to focus on thier lesson and avoid distracting sounds. Renewed by MoNE, EBA TV has all kinds of equipment for distance education. EBA TV, where distance learning is aired, meets the need for education considerably with the lessons for primary, secondary and high-school levels. A pair of useful and fun headphones can be a nice motivating gift for your child who studies at home all day.

The Main Character of Back-to-School Excitement: Backpack 

An indispensable companion for school students, a backpack is preferred to keep school supplies neat both at school and home. Choosing the right backpack especially for first graders is rather important. Ergonomic backpacks with waist and chest straps made from non-toxic materials should be preferred in order to prevent future health problems. When choosing a backpack, you should pay attention to your child’s age, height, and weight. Also, you should choose a bag that is large enough for your child to carry school supplies. Cartoon characters printed bags will make it easier for little ones to go to school. As the child grows and school materials vary, the requirements also change. You can find backpack models suitable for all ages at 

Colorful Stationery

Stationery shops were the only places for school shopping once upon a time and they used to meet all your needs, including books. Nowadays, the checklist for schools make stationery shopping easier. The most exciting part of school shopping, stationeries are like great toy stores especially for hardworking and meticulous students. Self-disciplined students who like to take notes, want to select their notebooks carefully, and highlight the titles and important notes with colored pencils lose themselves among all sorts of stationery items. You can also present a pencil case to your child to store many pens of hers.

Lunch Box and Water Bottle Set

Water bottles and practical and stylish lunch boxes that keep food safe for your child are waiting for you at If you buy a lunch box and water bottle that your children like, they will be more careful with eating and drinking habits. You should make sure that the food you put in their lunch is easy to eat and not smelly. 

School Uniform 

Clothes are a rather important topic for back-to-school shopping lists. The school uniforms that your child will wear throughout their school life vary from school-to-school. The most important issue to pay attention to when choosing uniforms is to buy extra t-shirts and shirts, which tend to get dirty too often. Shoes to be worn under the uniform are also important for your child’s comfort all day long. You should also think about needs such as tracksuits, sneakers, sports bags, socks and towels for PE.

We wish you a pleasant academic year! 

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