Pamper Yourself with a Visit to Yalova Thermal Springs

"Yes, we know you are bored at home. How about getting away for a moment and dreaming of a holiday? Let's take a short trip to Yalova, a famous place for its thermal springs, and promise to each other that we will visit this city at our first opportunity."

The hot springs of Yalova has 4000 years of history! It was formed as a result of some natural events four thousand years ago. It has become one of the ideal destinations for psychological and physical rejuvenation for more than two thousand years.

12 kilometers from Yalova city center, the hot spring is located between two mountains, in a valley covered with a wonderful, rare vegetation. One of the oldest baths in the spring, which is still in use, was built by the Byzantine Emperor Constantinus in the early 300s. Serving both the Byzantines and Ottomans for years, the bath has worn out over time. Sultan Abdülmecid had the bath repaired in the mid 1800’s. The spring owes its fame to Sultan Abdülmecid’s mother Bezm-i Alem Valide Sultan as her rheumatism was healed here. During the reign of Sultan II. Abdülhamid, its water was analyzed and proved to have healing powers.

19 August 1929 marks another turning point in the spring’s history.  Atatürk liked the thermal springs very much when he came to visit and made great efforts to make it a world-famous health center. He made it rebuilt and remodeled by famous architects. Also an open museum, this thermal spring has been preferred by people not only for healing and cleaning but also for social activities throughout history.

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