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Rabia Karaca’s Quick Makeup Routine for Busy Days

February 23, 2021
"If you are going to have a busy day, what kind of makeup should you have? Rabia Karaca shared her secrets with us."

My makeup look for a busy day is a natural one that will make me feel livelier and more comfortable. Of course, I prefer light products that won’t bother me.  If I am going to have a busy day that I will not have time to refresh my makeup, I first wash my skin with face wash gel and moisturize it well. I use sunscreen as I will be outside all day long. I prefer a light, nude eye makeup. I don’t use foundation to create a more vibrant look as it can dry my skin on a busy day and create a heavy or cakey look. I complete my makeup with a peach lip balm. As you see, I prefer a natural make-up that will make me feel more vivid and comfortable all day long on busy days.

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