Rawdah Mohamed’s Eclectic Style in 5 Steps

“Rawdah Mohamed is a model that has recently made a transition from the influencer world to the runways. Let’s take a closer look at Rawdah Mohamed’s eclectic style.”

28-year old Somali influencer living in Norway, Rawdah Mohamed is also a healthcare professional working with autistic children. Rawdah was quite active on Instagram till last year. She was showing her sense of style by transforming readily available pieces from H&M or Zara into stylish outfits defined as East-West mix and was followed by modest-dressing Muslim women.

Rawdah first got the model scouts’ attention when she was following Oslo Fashion Week Spring 2019 as an audience. Thanks to her impressive traits and unconventional style, she got signed to a modeling agency. She appeared on the cover of a magazine via Norway-based modeling agency and featured within the pages of American Vogue, Vogue Arabia, and V Magazine as well.

In one of her interviews, Rawdah expressed that she had gone through tough times in her modelling career for a while, between August and March. Fashion was not a place where she can be herself and accepted by everyone as such. And she still had to fight to dress as she pleased and to be accepted with her hijab.

Rawdah Mohamed joined in a line of groundbreaking hijabi models who challenge inclusivity in the fashion industry, such as Somali-American Halima Aden, Egyptian-Ivorian Kadija Diawara, and Ugbad Abdi, a breakout model of the 2019 runways.

Well, what were the features of her style that made her appear in the modelling world and get noticed among many others? Let’s take a closer look at Rawdah Mohamed’s eclectic style.

1- Skirts-Over-Pants, Always!

While trendsetter outfits are irreplaceable for her in fashion weeks, she embraces a simpler but still eclectic style for everyday look. The famous model does not abandon her skirt-over-pants combination, which is known to be her signature look.


It is hard to find somebody who can apply a denim trend peculiar than Rawdah. In this outfit, the harmony she had by using the same color tones in her pants, jacket and hijab asserts itself as a trend with skirts-over-pants look.

3-Leopard Print:

She supports her outfit, in which she takes her claim to an even higher level through leopard fur and leather skirt, with purple boots.

4- Monochrome:

As fashion weeks were going ahead, she had a peculiar hijab style with outstanding street style makeup and face-framing feathers. She combined this monochrome outfit with unusual glasses.

5-Feminine/Masculine Style Balance 

A gold embroidered blazer, leopard print scarf on leopard shirt, and fedora… There is only one word to encapsulate Rawdah’s style: Eclectic.


Not afraid to pair pop culture with vibrant colors, Rawdah creates a different pattern equation with baroque print scarf.

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