The Essential Piece of Modest Clothing: Trench Coat

“We will explore the history of the trench coat, one of the most essential pieces of modest clothing. Of course, our list of 5 top picks we’ve selected from Modanisa will earn a prized spot in your wardrobes. Let’s see what the trench coat is and how to wear it.”

The word comes from trench as shield; thus, we may call them shield coats. The common use of the trench coat began in the formidable fronts of the First World War. It helped soldiers move comfortably during war conditions with its waterproof and light fabric compared to weighty, hard-to-use coats. So, trench coats became an important part of military uniforms.

You didn’t think that the metal hoops and shoulder straps of trench coats were designed as such for no reason, did you? Because these additions were designed specifically by Thomas Burberry for soldiers to carry their accessories such as compasses and grenades. Hollywood’s shining stars are the ones who took the trench coat from being just a military item and brought it to the fashion world. Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca, in the unforgettable movie of classic Hollywood, Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Marlene Dietrich in A Foreign Affair re-envisioned the trench coat and turned it into a classic piece for men’s worn and women’s styles.

Let’s have a look at our favorite trench coats from Modanisa!

  1. Product ID: 7877269

Our first trench coat is a perfect fit for warm weather and has gathered sleeves, belt detail and bone buttons. This will be the go-to-piece with its light and breathable fabric for the ones who look for a summer trench coat!


  1. Product ID: 1847203

Next, we have a classic trench coat, an essential for each and every wardrobe. This is both chic and comfy with its double-breasted classic design and button fastening at the front.


  1. Product ID: 1376913

Oversized trench coats are rising this season! We believe this oversized trench coat with a windbreaker will be a life saver in our wardrobe.

  1. Product ID: 7878118

Our next trench coat stands out with its avant-garde style and unusual fabric. This will please the ones who seek an extraordinary look with its colorful plaid pattern, D buckle and side pockets.

  1. Product ID: 1775799

Next trench coat is a timeless piece which also is the best fit for frequent and long dated use. It has a comfortable usage with the lightweight fabric. It is a classy and comfy piece that can be used in every outfit thanks to its camel color.

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