We Are Strong Together

For Modanisa 2020-21 Winter Collection, we are inspired by women who support each other even if they have different experiences.

Each of us are the heroes of singular stories with our unique characters. We are all source of inspiration for one another with our strong attitude. 


omen building a career by overcoming every obstacle in business life, housewives endeavoring by making sacrifices for their families 7 days 24 hours, women laboring in the fields, mothers raising their children in best way and women that are architects of the future and known and unknown faces of many other professions. For Modanisa 2020-21 Winter Collection, we are inspired by women who support each other even if they have different experiences.

What Waits Us in 2020-21 Winter Season?

In 2020-21 winter season, a collection dominated by brand new trends and sustainable fashion is waiting for you. Weather-resistant, leather look skirts, tartan patterns, fur collar coats will be the “essentials” of your wardrobe throughout the season. All trends work together in harmony in winter looks where soft romantic tones and vivid bright colors are blended. While long boots are meant to be for skirt combinations, suede and leather textures stand out in bags.

Shiny Fabrics Are Making a Comeback

Shiny fabrics are the easiest way to add a spark of femininity to harsh winter silhouettes. Satin skirts, scarf collar shirts, sweaters that are college fashion essentials, long vests and fine print dresses are timeless pieces; they are essential for a season and beyond. The most important thing to master in your fashion game is to draw attention to details with leather belts. Maxi coats are also the most characteristic element in this game.

Blue and Earth Tones in Harmony

Blue and earth tones, which are considered to be out of tune, eliminate all prejudices in the new season. We find out once again that every color is in harmony with one another when you choose the right tone. We shouldn’t underestimate the power of plaids in the new season. Plaid patterns are visible in must-have pieces as always. Puffer jackets find their ways in every outfit, supporting the layered clothing. Moreover, it emulates any style, sports, or classics.


A Time for New Beginnings

As new winter means new beginnings, now it is time to write discover new paths and write new stories… Hoping to make a fresh start after a long and tiring year and continue the pink dreams where we left off…


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