What is Your Stay-at-Home Style?

“Our choices that reflect our character help us to stay comfortable at home all day long. What is your stay-at-home style?”
The days when we used to spend time outside all day and return home in the evening are out of sight. Our homes we used to neglect are now our priority as we spend most of our time indoors nowadays. Homes have turned into offices, television has overtaken cinema, and online shopping has become more popular. This seems to continue for a longer time. In this period, we look for ways to show ourselves the same kind of respect and care we show others. While the practice of feeling good is our first concern, our physical health becomes more important than before, as well as our mental health. During this stay-at-home phase, everything that makes us feel happy, from home decoration to at lounge outfits, is about home. Our choices that reflect our character help us to stay comfortable at home all day long. So, what is your stay-at-home style?


If you like to look stylish even at home, tracksuits with plaids, tie-dye prints, and color blocks are just for you. You can feel chic at any time by choosing the color and model that makes you happy.


Those who are in favor of minimalism and simplicity rely on the warmth of natural tones in homewear outfits. The practical and cool style of knit suits in beige, ecru, gray, and pastel tones is just for you.


Basic dresses are comfy, but they also do not sacrifice femininity. It ensures an effortless style for virtual meetings by combining long combed dresses with fluffy slippers and knit vests.


This season’s favorite, plaid shirts will not only be part of the street style. Opt for tracksuits and plaid shirt pairings to add elegance to homewear. You will be always in a good mood with such outfits that you complete with slippers in different styles.

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